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Crafting Love: Sewing a Simple Heart Block

Foundation Paper Pieced Heart Block

Simple Foundation Paper Piecing Technique

Add-a-Quarter Ruler

Foundation Piecing Paper

Foundation paper ruler

How to Make this Simple Block

Foundation Paper Pieced Heart Block

Make 4

  1. Fabric Required

    Fabric required for Heart Block

    [2] 3.5″x6″ rectangles
    [2] 3″x3″ background squares cut on the diagonal
    [1] 4″x4″ background square cut on the diagonal.

    *We used a fat quarter bundle, but scraps would work well in this block too.

  2. Prepare Foundation Paper Templates

    Heart templates

    Click the buttons below to download the templates. Then, print the images to the foundation paper using your inkjet printer. No printer? You can always trace them to the foundation paper.

    Template pieces are labeled with ‘L’ for the left side of the heart and ‘R’ for the right side of the heart. Use one of each template sheet from the download to make 3 complete hearts. Cut templates apart outside of dashed lines.

    Crease the paper on each of the lines between L1, L2, L3, and L4 sections.

  3. Pin Templates to Fabric

    Pin templates to fabric

    Lay [2] 3.5″x6″ fabric rectangles right-side down on flat surface. Place an ‘L’ template on one rectangle and an ‘R’ template on the other. Templates should be right-side up. (Back of foundation paper will touch back of fabric).

  4. Trim Using Add-a-Quarter Ruler

    Trim heart fabric before adding background fabric

    Fold L2 and R2 corners of templates back along L2 and R2 lines. Put the lip of the Add-a-quarter ruler against the fold of the foundation paper. Trim the fabric. This creates the 1/4″ seam allowance.

  5. Add Background Fabric to Corners

    Add background corners

    Line up the long edge of the background triangle with the edge of the heart fabric.

    *Be careful to position the background fabric so that when it is pressed back after sewing, it covers all the foundation paper in that corner.

  6. Sew background corners

    Foundation Paper piecing sew on lines

    Turn the block so that you can see the lines on the foundation template. Sew on the line between L1 and L2 sections. Repeat the process for R1 and R2 sections.

  7. Press Background Corners

    Press background corners

    Turn the fabric right-side up and press background corners away from heart fabric.

  8. Repeat Steps 4 – 7

    Press all background fabric away from heart

    Repeat steps 4 – 7 for the remaining background corners of the heart block. Then, flip the block right-side up and press flat.

  9. Trim Block Pieces

    Trim template pieces on dotted lines

    Turn the block pieces so that templates are right-side up. Trim along dotted lines.

  10. Sew sides of Heart together

    Foundation Paper Pieced Heart Block

    Tear away the foundation paper from both sides of Heart block. Then, sew the sides RST using a 1/4″ seam. Press open to reveal heart.


  • [2] 3.5″ X 6″ fabric rectangles for heart
  • [2] 3″ X 3″ squares cut on the diagonal
  • [1] 4″ X 4″ square cut on the diagonal


  • Add-a-Quarter Ruler
  • Foundation Paper
  • Rotary cutter & cutting mat
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine and thread

Materials: Fat quarters or fabric scraps cut to size; templates

Sew Heart Blocks together

Once you’ve made 4 Heart blocks you can sew them together as shown below. This final block measures approximately 10.5″ x 10.5″.

However, you can sew your blocks together in a layout of your choice. Get creative!

Repeat with remaining corners2
Fabric from Life is Pink fat quarter bundle by Art Gallery Fabrics

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